Maple Eggnog

Image My kids are always asking me to write another cookbook for them with all my favorite family recipes for them to share with family and friends.  Well with Christmas coming soon I thought I’d share my maple eggnog recipe with those that enjoy this festive drink.  So here it is.

Home-Made Maple Eggnog                         

                                                                          Courtesy of Brian M. Coffey CEC, AAC

Note: Once made eggnog lasts for several days, refrigerated of course.  So if you are having a Christmas Party of a Christmas Eve celebration you can make the eggnog several days in advance.


12        ea         eggs, beaten

1          cup      cane sugar

1          each     vanilla bean (or 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract)

1          cup      maple syrup (100% Pure)

1          qt         milk

1          qt         half and half

1          pint      heavy cream

1          tsp       ground nutmeg

½         cup      Navan (vanilla flavored Grand Marnier)



In a large stainless steel bowl beat the eggs, add the milk, half and half, sugar, vanilla, maple syrup, and nutmeg.

Place mixture in a 4-6 qt double boiler and over medium-high heat bring mixture to 175oF for 15 seconds stirring frequently with a wooden spoon.  You will notice the mixture thickens slightly.   Remove the liquid from heat and place vessel in a cold ice bath to rapid chill the mixture.  While the eggnog is chilling whip the pint of heavy cream.  Once the eggnog is below 40oF fold in the whipped cream and refrigerate.  Place the eggnog in a glass bowl and add Navan, sprinkle with a little nutmeg and serve.




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