Chicken Pot Pie

Recipe for Chicken Pot Pie                              by Brian M Cofey CEC,AAC

Yield: 1 Pie in a #8  cast-iron skillet

Time: 40-45  min preparation time, 30 min cook time; total time 1hr:15min

Ingredients: (for pie filling)

2              ea           6oz chicken breast, cooked and cut into ½” cubes.

1              cup         onions, small dice

1              cup         Carrot, small dice

1              cup         celery, small dice

1              cup         potatoes, medium dice

1              cup         peas, frozen

1              pint        half and half

1              cup         chicken stock

2              oz           a/p flour

2              tbsp       olive oi

4              tbsp       butter

1              tsp          thyme leaf

1              tsp          celery salt

2              tbsp       parsley, fresh chopped

½             tsp          black pepper

1              tsp          Dijon mustard

½             tsp          Worcestershire

¼             tsp          Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Method:  Preheat oven to 4000 F.  In a #8-  12” cast-iron skillet on medium heat add olive oil and butter, once hot add carrots, and onions, stir with wooden spoon, when carrots start to brow add celery and potatoes, and continue to cook until celery is cooked, about 8-10 minutes.  Add flour and mix thoroughly, slowly add chicken stock until thick, stir a lot.  Once bubbling, slowly add cream, stir. Add peas and continue to stir, add rest of ingredients, stir and reduce heat and simmer for 5 min.  Allow mixture to sit.  Place pie crust over top (pie crust should be 13” In diameter.  Crimp the crust too the edge of skillet, brush with melted butter, cut 4 vent holes, place on ridged cookie sheet and bake for 30 min, until crust is golden brown.   Remove form oven, rest 5 minutes and serve.






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